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    • 117 4th Avenue North, Franklin TN 37064
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      9:30 AM – Worship Assembly
      11:00 AM – Bible Classes
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    • 6:15 PM – AWANA (Sept.–April)
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  • Men

    Our goal is to connect every man at Fourth Avenue to the Men’s Ministry and encourage each one to join us as we:

    1. Learn that following Jesus truly is the best possible way to live.
    2. Encourage each other to follow Jesus in our daily lives.
    3. Experience authentic community where we are fully known and fully accepted.
    4. Seek the welfare of our community through service in the name of Jesus.
    5. Remind each other that Jesus is the pattern for authentic manhood.


    From Dean Barham, Adult Spiritual Life and Men’s Minister…

    Men at Work: Sound Bites of Encouragement for Our Men at Fourth

    Helping every man live a life that matters and leave a legacy that endures…

    Just a reminder to our men of the vision we have for men’s ministry here: every man at Fourth is a vital part of our men’s ministry, not just those who participate in the “events” sponsored by our formal ministry. So, the men who work the sound board, serve on the worship team, volunteer with Awana, and even those who just show up for worship, modeling giving their heart to God each Sunday, all of these men are “doing men’s ministry” here.

    In this little Men at Work segment, I’d like to regularly highlight God’s work through men in our church who are modeling this all-inclusive ministry vision for us. This week I want to thank God for Keith Crow. Keith is a man on mission for God here in our city, not only regularly participating and serving in our Bible classes here at 4th, but each week he is on the front lines of serving the needy out in our city— as a regular volunteer at GraceWorks every week and also a volunteer inmate chaplain in our local jail. This week I believe he has visited his 100th inmate as a newly installed chaplain and has led Celebrate Recovery to male inmates for years.

    Keith reminds me of something I like to call “positive spirituality.” I recall thinking as a young man that what it meant to be a Christian is not to do certain things (insert moral list here). Avoiding sin and impropriety is certainly important, but God created us as men to do tangible good in the world, to serve God’s purposes in the world, not just to not do bad things (Gen 1:26: “be fruitful…fill the earth…be responsible” for what lies in your sphere of influence in the world).

    So, I thank God for Keith modeling a positive spirituality for us as Men at Fourth. He will be the first to say he is not perfect, but let’s follow his lead in finding our place in our families, church or in the community to “fill the earth” with a little bit more of God’s life.