We Are Open!

Lots of changes afoot so, hang on!

We had originally thought it would be a good idea to have a service for families with children and then a service for everybody else. Guess what! A lot of families told us they didn’t want that so – everyone is invited to either service!

The services are at 8:30 and 10:30. Each will last an hour and your staff, leadership team, and quite a cast of volunteers will be cleaning the pews and doors during that one hour gap between services.

Last week, perhaps 25% wore masks. Wearing masks is entirely up to you. By now, you’ve heard all the pros and cons. Most volunteers will be wearing masks as a courtesy to you unless the directives change under which we are currently operating. No one will judge you for wearing a mask or for not wearing one!

No classes at this time but this can change at any time. We are looking to get a rhythm going that works for the staff and our members. Give us a bit of time and we will be back doing classes for adults. It will take a bit longer to get children’s classes back into gear.

When those classes begin again, it might be in person, via Zoom or both. Because – and this is very important – we do not want to pressure anyone to come back to public worship until they are ready to do so. If you are concerned about contracting the virus, please stay home with our blessings. We will be streaming the service live for you and then archiving it for those who would like to see it later. We plan to make that an ongoing ministry here so no worries about being cut off just because you are at home.

We’re back! See you soon.