1.1.23 Dan Dozier – True Repentance

True Repentance

Dan Dozier on True Repentance


Few people these days talk about sin and divine judgement and the need for repentance.  Its because its not very fashionable to talk about sin.  Its also considered inappropriate to do so.  Because calling something sinful means that you have to say some things are morally and ethically right, and some things are wrong.

And in a culture that we live in, where people seemingly depend more on what they feel is right, then upon any kind of objective or absolute truth.  When you start talking about sin and repentance, and judgement, people get offended.  And so if you’re offended by talking about sin and repentance and judgement, you are not going to like today’s passage at all.  Because today we are going to talk about a passage picking up where Kyle left off and this wonderful series he’s doing called the Upside Down Kingdom coming out of the Gospel of Luke.