Women’s Ministry Coordinators:
Jo Barnhill – barnhill777@comcast.net
Willie Charpentier – wcharpentier235@gmail.com
Donna Wright – wrightdla2@gmail.com

We exist to encourage each other to become more like Jesus by building relationships with one another through Bible studies, fellowships, and service so we can glorify God by loving well and by being His hands and feet.
We would love for you to be a part of our women’s ministry here at Fourth. Please prayerfully consider getting involved and reach out to one of our ministry leaders for information on how to get plugged in.

WOW Ministry

Otherwise known as Women of Worth, this ministry is an outgrowth of the widow’s ministry that has grown to include other single women whether never married or divorced. We find our worth in being betrothed to Christ, preparing to be His bride. We have quarterly gatherings throughout the year for fellowship, support and encouragement. Our facilitators are:
Carl Baughman: carlbb@hotmail.com
Nancy Baughman: nanbaughman@gmail.com


Two times in the year we have our Fridays @ Fourth Bible Studies (one beginning in September and one beginning in January). Our morning study is on Fridays from 9:30–11:30AM (with childcare offered) and a Tuesday evening study is held from 6:00–8:00PM (with no childcare offered). Details are announced closer to study time.
Nancy Baughman: nanbaughman@gmail.com
Donna Wright: wrightdla2@gmail.com


This team organizes retreats for our ladies during the year.
Nancy Baughman: nanbaughman@gmail.com
Bev Livermore: bjcre8s@gmail.com
Debbie Day: debbie.day@comcast.net


IF Tables are small gatherings of women who meet in homes around tables to share a meal and conversation about following God. If you’re interested in getting plugged in or finding out how to start a table on your own, please contact:
Melissa Duckworth: melissaduckworth@yahoo.com


If you are interested in helping form a team for events/social gatherings, please contact:
Melissa Duckworth: melissaduckworth@yahoo.com
Melinda Mickholtzick: melindamickz@gmail.com


Willie is responsible for coordinating our women’s summer series class. If you would like to help, please contact:
Willie Charpentier: wcharpentier235@gmail.com


We would love for you to have the opportunity to get to know our foreign missionaries better and perhaps even help plan a trip to visit them. Please let us know If you would like to connect with them through letter writing, occasional gift giving, or prayer.


On the fourth Wednesday of each month for 3 hours in the morning, a small group of us meet at a local church to cook and pack food for folks in our community who are in need of meals. If you enjoy cooking and fellowship, please consider joining our team—you pick your Wednesdays!
Donna Wright: wrightdla2@gmail.com


Leaving the Cocoon exists to assist incarcerated women in the Nashville, TN, prison. We provide mentors, one-on-one lay counseling, and Bible study. In order to go into the prison, you must do some training and get a volunteer badge.
Oak Cottage for Women are 2 transitional homes in Franklin.  They house ex-offenders who are given a chance to start their lives anew. LTC provides many volunteer opportunities for those who are interested in mentoring, driving ladies to appointments, taking a lady to lunch, attend Bible classes, Celebrate Recovery classes, meal sharing, etc.
Vicki Helgesen: vickihelgesen@gmail.com


Each Sunday night a team of 3-4 members from our church visit the Williamson County Jail offering a worship service for the incarcerated ladies. Annual training is required by the county. UPDATE: After being temporarily suspended due to COVID, this ministry is once again able to serve. The Williamson County Jail is opening their doors to ministry in November 2022. Only those who attended training in the spring of 2022 will be able to participate at this point but we are hoping another training session will be offered during this fall season.
Cindy Gentry: cindygentry@aol.com
Paula Shinnick: paulashinnick@gmail.com


We serve the women of our church as we honor our new brides and moms-to-be. This team oversees the coordination of the bridal/baby showers.
Starla Atkinson: starla_atkinson@comcast.net
Jill Howard: Jmolhoward@gmail.com


One Sunday night each quarter we will have a night of prayer and worship for women only. Please join us!


When needs for meals arise in our family and/or the community around us, Marcia coordinates them.
Marcia Cunningham: marcia6941@gmail.com


Jordan is our Facebook Coordinator.  She designs and keeps up-to-date status on our Facebook Page happenings.


If you enjoy sending out cards, then join our Birthday Joy Club team. You will receive monthly emails of those in our Fourth Avenue family who are widowed and/or over a “certain age” and are having a birthday that month. We love spreading Birthday Joy!
Donna Wright: wrightdla2@gmail.com