Welcome from Senior Minister, Patrick Mead

Welcome to the Fourth Avenue Church website. We are glad you’ve stopped by. Take some time to explore the website and get to know us. There are lessons and sermons you can download or listen to for free, lists of activities for all ages, and our statement of faith. I think you will find that you can easily spend a few minutes or several days exploring our site.

Of course, we would love to welcome you here, on site. Many people come to Fourth Avenue Church because of the love that is evident here from the parking lot to the pew. Some come here because of our vibrant, meaningful, and inclusive worship. Some come here because they want to be a part of our work with the poor, the left out, and the broken both in our community and in several mission points around the world. Some come because they are worn out or hurt by other churches and they just need a place to rest and heal while surrounded by prayer and love. Whatever reason you might have to enter our building – you are welcome here.

Come to a congregation marked by fervent, sweet love, known for prayer, and known for its active concern for others. Are we perfect? Absolutely not! But we have a Savior who loves us anyway and tells us to love each other as we’ve been loved by him.

Come and let us prove to you our love for Jesus and for you.

–Patrick Mead