12.18.22 Kyle Dingus – Nothing Was the Same

12.18.22 Kyle Dingus – Nothing Was the Same Podcast is a continuation of our ongoing series Upside Down Kingdom.  We learn about how we must partner with Christ to bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to the Earth.



Excerpt:  “Why do we think Christmas is so important?  Christmas continues by just about every metric to be the biggest holiday in the United States.  And it’s not even close.  The next one is way below it.  What other holiday has an entire special genre of music that once December hits, every convenience store everywhere is playing it all the time?  What other holiday makes people start celebrating it before another major holiday even happens? Some people are wild.  What makes this holiday consistently go crazy about buying gifts for other people, or putting lights everywhere, or putting up massive inflatables on their front lawn?  Why is this the holiday that almost everybody takes vacation days off for?”

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