2.19.23 Kyle Dingus – The Equalizer



Kyle Dingus – The Equalizer

Listen to the podcast of The Equalizer from Kyle Dingus.  Fourth Avenue Church in Franklin strives to Love God, Serve Others, and Share Jesus.

Below is an excerpt from the podcast:

“This morning we are going to be continuing our series on The Upside Down Kingdom looking at the Gospel of Luke.  And it’s called that because Jesus flipped our way of doing things upside down.  And what we are talking about today may be one of the pinnacles of that.  

So this past weekend was a big weekend for me.  I don’t know if you know this or if I’ve said it at some point up here.  I’m a really big Kansas City Chiefs fan.  So this last week was huge seeing the Chiefs win another Super Bowl.  I honestly did not think they would win one in my lifetime.  So it’s really cool to have a team that’s this good consistently.  But as I was celebrating the big win, this is part of why I’m giving this up for Ash Wednesday.  I turned to Twitter because you know that’s what some people do in these times.  And I immediately regretted it.  Turns out sports can be pretty divisive.  I saw a lot of division.  A lot of anger.  A lot of hatred.  A lot of accusations.  “

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