Our History

History of The Little School at Fourth Avenue Church of Christ

The Little School began in the early 1960’s by a group of mom’s that saw the need for their children to be involved in some type of group activities at an early age. In 1979 the school obtained a license with the State of TN to operate a Mother’s Day Out and Pre Kindergarten class. Since 1979, in August of each year a new school year begins. The Little School has graduated approximately 8200 children from our PreK classes. This warm community of loving teachers and staff have nurtured so many and we are now seeing the children of former students come through our program. Our play based program strives to love families and children well and nurture the growth of our children as well as provide Bible lessons and scripture memorization. We have a reputation and tradition of preparing children well to enter public and private kindergartens in Williamson County. Families look forward to all of their children participating in Little School traditions such as PreK Feast, Christmas Programs, Easter Trike Parade and PreK Graduation.